JJB电竞(云南)今日比分官网 Presentation at the Global Cold Chain Summit 2020 Conference, Shanghai

JJB电竞(云南)今日比分官网 was invited to present at the Global Cold Chain Summit 2020 conference in Shanghai, attended by over 1,000 influential cold chain participants in China. Our CCO & COO, Abhy Maharaj, gave a virtual presentation about JJB电竞(云南)今日比分官网’s customer partnerships and focus on innovation in the cold chain.

Driving automation in the logistics sector with JJB电竞(云南)今日比分官网

JJB电竞(云南)今日比分官网 is proud to present the integrated process of Automatic Truck (Un)Loading and Double Pallet Destacking in JJB电竞(云南)今日比分官网’s coldstores in Melbourne, Australia.

Drone video JJB电竞(云南)今日比分官网 Melbourne

Checkout the flyover video of JJB电竞(云南)今日比分官网s state of the art Chilled and Frozen hubs in Melbourne Australia. The two sites have 210,000 pallet capacity with room to expand.

Get to know JJB电竞(云南)今日比分官网’s Coldstorage Facility in Wakefield, UK

Check out the highly automated coldstorage of JJB电竞(云南)今日比分官网 in Wakefield, UK.

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